Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to warmly invite and welcome you to attend the 22nd ASEAN Congress of Anesthesiologists (ACA), which will be held in-person in Hanoi, Vietnam, and through Zoom Cloud Meetings from March 18 to 19, 2022.

The venue for the Congress in-person is the Melia Hanoi Hotel, located in the heart of Hanoi, a historical capital with the richest traditions and cultural heritages in Vietnam. ACA is the biggest event held once every three years to bring together the international anesthesiologist professionals’ community from different parts of the world.

The 22nd ACA is organized by the Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists. The organization of the Congress is also strongly supported by many healthcare professionals from Vietnamese medical institutions, hospitals under direct administration of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam (MOH), and especially it receives strong support from the local authority of Hanoi Capital.

Under the theme “Connect to Share in Anesthesia”, this congress is a great chance, not only to share up-to-date knowledge on all important aspects of anesthesia but also to strongly connect and consolidate the ASEAN community of Anesthesiologists as one.

The congress will include many interesting sessions with the plenary attended by the policymakers as well as the local leaders to emphasize the importance of Anesthesia in the healthcare treatment sector.

The 22nd ACA is also a great time to meet old and new friends in the festive spring of Vietnam, the best season of the year with local festivals and flower blossoming. Especially, it will be a wonderful chance for you to explore Vietnam - a country with diverse cultures and beautiful landscapes along the coastal regions as well as in the delta, plateau, and mountain areas.

By hosting this significant event in Hanoi, we hope that the exchange with anesthesiologists, scientists from different parts of ASEAN will help to connect our anesthesiologist community, to share the best knowledge and experiences to make our ASEAN safer, better, and united.

Therefore, we greatly appreciate your attendance and contribution to the success of the 22nd ASEAN Congress of Anesthesiologists.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hanoi or Online.

Yours Sincerely,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cong Quyet Thang

Chairman of the 22nd ASEAN Congress of Anesthesiologists

President of Vietnam Society of Anesthesiologists




Introduction of Hanoi, Capital City of Vietnam

Geography and Environment
Geographical location: Hanoi is located in Red River Delta and borders with Thai Nguyen province, Vinh Phuc province in the North; Ha Nam and Hoa Binh province in the South; Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Hung Yen province in the East; Phu Tho and Hoa Binh provinces in the West.

Hanoi sit on the right bank of Black River and both sides of the Red River, the location and terrain create favorable conditions for developing politic, economy, culture and science and it is also an important traffic hub of Vietnam.